ISH Campus

The ISH Campus is built in the former "Luftpostleitstelle" on the permises of Munich Airport and provides an event hall, four different size training rooms and an extended lab environment for hands-on training sessions.

Event Hall


There are 4 fully equipped training rooms that provide the opportunity to develop and test skills in a range of IT Security and aviation specific topics.


The brand new auditorium seats 120 people with the goal of sharing knowledge and hands-on learning. In addition to high level presentations, tinkering with typical airport infrastructure in IT, OT and communications


  • Modern Event Hall, Training Center and Lab facilities
  • Aviation specific infrastructure
  • Real world insight in a connected city (airport)
  • All relevant travel facilities; reachable by train, flight, car
ISH Campus


An essential part of the ISH is to provide a great LAB environment to train the security experts of tomorrow. The LAB enables us to provide not only theoretical training classes, but incorporate a great deal of hands-on experience in the learning process.

The LAB provides a whole IT infrastructure of a typical corporate network, including public and internal services, typical security devices of different manufacturers, a complete detection infrastructure to train SoC experts and an attack infrastructure where attacks against the training infrastructure can be triggered, live or simulated.


  • Full size corporate network with typical components / services
  • State of the art security devices from a wide rangeof vendors and open source projects
  • Fully fledged defense infrastructure / SoC
  • Offensive Attack infrastructure
Lab Area